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21 grams

Velociraptorously I’m beating the clock of life to go faster
but I’m more of an observer of geologic time scales, than in the middle
I’m a mixed shade of anger and amber, but haven’t got any answer
because I’m more likely to be the originator of the riddle

Truth to be told, it goes out of control, just like your soul
Told, more of the truth, than about the bond between people like us
The red line we’ve sold, in eras of liberal insobriety, so stay close when it gets cold
because I’m (on) the end of the scale that would equalize us

I’m the inevitable words in your head that wont settle on the bottom like asbestos
and the echoing questions of confessions that are always left unanswered
I’m the pauses and the commas between the sub clauses of last breaths of
a body still in possession of those 21 grams you probably want to anchor...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021