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Alcohol, I. C.

You’re sitting alone at home with a bottle of wine
Look at the signs
You’re talking to the bottle about good old times
About what you like
There’s no one else there when you’re going blind
Look at the signs
You regret last evening when the sun’s about to rise
Look at the guy
Everytime the mirror takes a look at you it sighs
Look at the signs
The pic' may contain an abused girlfriend or wife
Look at the grind
At the happiness that your alcohol never can buy
Look now who lies
It's not the road to success you're trying to climb
Take a look inside
Of all the things that are inside your troubled mind
And what's behind
When you can't afford booze and commit crimes
Acting hostile
Because your inner turmoil has left you fragile
Another heist
In the end every addiction comes with a price
And all the bar fights
Scars you, because you lost a bottle playing dice
All things combined
There are still chances your dreams won't have to fly
Away if you try
To give yourself a chance when you've still got time
Look at the sky
At the faces of those you remember who chose to die
Even though you deny
They used to live like you, it could be you in a while
Look at the smiles
On the faces you get when you're not in bad bile
Look how beguiled
The truth's the few times you spend with your child
Look who cries
When you're leaving because no alcohol's in sight
Ask yourself why
Your child's waiting for dad to come home at night
This can't be right...
Where's the happiness you're striving after to find?
Look at yourself this time
Do you think alcohol should be a part of your life?

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021