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Armour of Rust

Thoughts are collecting dust on the shelves in the attic behind the bars of our eyelids
Memories built up from tears on your pillow to laughter under your covering
So many things that your bed brings; birth, love, and possibly your last breath
Remember, your memories will tell you the worth of what you have experienced
Simply because ...if your experiences were worth something you’ll remember them.

Memories, made by your future
Memories, a part of your history.

The mirror watches a smile of yours only appearing when a memory makes you feel excited
Living a joy full life of lust, we’re making love with reality, in hope of finding a place to settle
Within the armour of rust, dust’s collecting dust, like memories of remembering memories
Living a lifetime collecting moments of appreciation, within the frames set up by your mind
Coming through, fragile, under the moonshine, eyes sparklingly watching like gold, at night...

Appreciate the colours in your life
before they leave you at night time.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021