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Blood drops

There has been so many years since the last time
And so many laughters and cries have passed by
Which have involved moments of sheer joy and pain
And many words spoken with whispering voices in vain

Living on the edge of a dull and rust stained knife
Been trying so hard to cut through daily struggles in life
Still I wonder, haven’t I suffered enough already?
I wonder what comes next, the dark side allways gets me

I’ve screamed in silence while facing cold days and dark nights
And even seen warm days turn into light nights sometimes
Under the sky, I have come to rescue what’s left to save
Only to find out that even if I do tomorrow won’t change

I’ve got difficult thoughts, but a language of simple words
A strong voice with a dark aura, but rarely seen or heard
Clueless, I wonder what comes next, if not joy but pain
I’ve got clothes but that knife got them stained

I’ve come this far, only to see life in reverse
I’ve travelled to places rarely seen in this world
Fought with devils angels ran away from a long time ago
Answered questions with Yes, but allways faced a No echo

See, I stood on steep cliffs by the ocean shores
Only to realize the path I’m following won’t go no more
See, I’m used to fighting demons until I get migraine
But in the end only to realize that fight’s insane

So I’m leaving the last chapter, to write a new book
On a rainy day, not taking the route I usually took
I’m following an inner voice, which I hope is yours
See, it’s been you all the time I’ve been fighting for…

Done fighting spells, succumbing to the darkness around me
Not afraid anymore to embrace all the evil which’s bound me
I’m sharpening the knife, and you can follow the trail of blood
Into the woods, where you can dance with me in the mud…

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021