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Counter Clockwise

Something’s not right
When your world starts to turn counter clockwise
And hellish feelings inside turn into something Godlike
Trying to speak the truth, but it's got eyes, it's not blind, it mocks lies
And the lock's fine, but you're still looking at the stockline
Look history if you’ve got time, the tick of every second’s hostile
Trying to build us a house, we've got tiles, it’s futile to be a rebel now
Because we've found something and want to settle down
There are no longer any lie that could nettle now
Karma's grown itself a bigger pot of mettle now

Time to hit the brakes at the next stoplight
There are no colours, but the next block’s right
Time to put down the swords and not sigh at a reality which's cockeyed
It’s blackening the outsight, just by looking at the brutal truth
The fact you’re looking down on yourself through the roof
Sitting in our earthly residence looking up to the moon
Dear honourable history I’ll hold my thumbs for your sake it was worth to die
No matter whatever sin the first is the one to curse at night
Because the barrier knot unravels
the mystery dispatches the curiousity lock, stocked and barreled
Honestly honesty gots to travel...

Success often comes uptight because of blight, it's not right
how something can dominate without being contrite
Open to suggestions like a box kite
but missing the carbon dioxide
Turning into something fox like and the locker’s up
So come watch the dolos from another dock
A mother’s love shines through when it comes to tougher stuff
Always tried to cover up, looked confusing at sight
But couldn’t keep on pursuing the lies, loosing the rights
To abusing the mind trying to focus on looting the kite
The cruel sins will likely catch up with you in a while
whatever you're pursuing this time go on to live your lie

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021