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Counting Sheep

Late night under the starlit sky I find myself tired of sitting by the phone
I’m in denial, but our somethingship is under trial and you're obviously not going to call
tired of being all alone, but it’s inevitable and things are starting to look proned
blaming myself for being a subject to gravity, since I really hate to fall
but it seemed inevitable to fall for you
like counting sheep I’m spending time counting my heart beats when I'm not asleep
you promised to call, but it's your truth
you always leave me alone with knees so weak I can hardly speak
and your sentences keep echoing in my head, you spoke a lot about courtesy
now I’ve gotta keep the balance or I will fall into the gap
your manners are hurting me, this farce is soon labelled; obsurdity
but I manage life since I've learned to see the signs before I fall into the trap

So I'm leaving
hey, I'm leaving
you hear me? I'm leaving...

You came with the sun and blue sky, but it is now clouded and heavy
and you better believe it's your lost
there's a high price that’s been paid already
...see, even if my love is for free you won't get it at no cost.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021