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Dear Science

Dear science
If you give me your greatest reliance
And allowance I'll meet you with compliance
I will provide you with a universal hoax serving as a uniting alliance
A reasonable theory of whatever phenomenon that needs an explanation, if you please be patient
You’ve got the mind of the most prominent of the most salient
Don’t worry, geniuses can master even chaos, and straighten up confusion
Just give me a few minutes to provide you with an explicative plausible conclusion
It’s just a question of tying up the truth with the right cord
And look at the basics within the human mind, find the pressure points and depicture a trustworthy explanation at the drawing board
Whatever power the pen has it's inferior to the sword
It swings like lies sing, but it cannot pick up the pieces you want restored
It only pinpoints out that the truth's whatever you can afford
Now I don’t claim I’ve got the scientific knowledge to explain everything between the Earth to the Lord
And sometimes I just make things up, because the ignorance within people make it possible
The limitations of the limits the human minds provides are the only obstacles
It’s a political attribute, like pressing mute, the risk of people discovering the truth now is minimal
and whatever risk is worth taking when the odds are down to decimals
Since the odds of finding willingness within the common man to put the provided facts under scrutiny seems to be out of hands
Better to forget and live in eternal darkness when you don’t understand
It's scary, how easily I can look up into your face and make things up you'll believe in
simply because there's a courtesy to follow the obsurdity of praying to God when you're still never ever receiving
Yet instead science could provide you with the guidelines for a better health, wealth and greater achievement
But the capitalistic model leaves a bitter taste to portray
Its inconsistency and falsified figures are like foreplay
There are always multiple doorways
But in the end the truth is the ultimate forte
You could walk toward the horizon up and down the snowy hills for days
In great hope of finding some evidence of evident scientifical recent events, but end up knocking at the door, say, be it your neigh...bour up in Norway
Life’s a road to desolation, because science won’t allow you to have it your way
You could climb whatever scientifically established fact, but if you don’t follow the guidelines you’re not Tenzing Norgay
You can have a look at the map
or you can look at the tracks
or take a look at the past
and feel good now at last
even though the sun's not bright
If you've got lies to speak instead of scrutinizing propaganda then you've got time
There is no such thing as satisfying greed, the human mind rather follow the block line
but cannot turn the chronology of past recent events counter clockwise
There are colours, but there is no stoplight
Just actions taken upon made up facts by condemned souls
Sloppily jotted down the mandatory obituaries just like nonsense notes
And natural laws nobody can escape, yet you've set the bars within your own mind
The same mind that's constantly denying the urge of finding a reason for your own lies
We've seen the odds come forth and leave, could've been some warning signs
...but we left the solutions unborn
We're living on a planet where finding fresh water in an environment filled with concornes
is just as hard as finding truth being separated from scorn
Or just like finding a religion for God when the world makes us wonder what God’s doing this time
It’s easier to swallow the lies than looking the truth in its eyes
just like it’s easier to turn off the TV and look at wheels turning forward because of running hamsters
Things that should be necessary obligations turn to peculiar oddities like black lies and white banters
We live our lives being more frightened of dying in air flight accidents rather than in cancer
Simply because people always want the right answers
It’s always easier to present sunshine and rain
Evolution implies things should get better and better in time, but yet all reality seems to find is pain
Dear science, sadly the dogmatic approach to reality of yours may die in vain
And should the brick walls fall I’ll be the very first pessimist standing at the frontline looking at the optimists and blaming it on mankind’s own stupidity
It’s time to wipe off the scientifically affected tears causing this humidity
It’s such a pity, we’ve got the facts witnessing of the importance of maintaining a balance between sunshine, soil and water
But yet keep digging deeper cavities at our borders
Let’s take a Gogotha walk, hold hands, embrace the facts, talk, and pray that God meets science, because the world’s out of order

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021