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If it’s not worth crying over, then why should you bother
Whatever the loss, surely sooner or later comes another
The risk of winning comes with taking chances
And whichever endeavour, surely every new romance is
An expensive thrill of emotions worth taking risks for
But we’ve got everything we need to live a decent life yet what all of us seem to strive for is more
That more that is whatever our greed can absorb
If only we all could get all that we can possibly ask for...
There’s no red line, but a black list of bad choices
From times when we were living inside the box and nobody heard our voices
Now we’re living and looking outside the box
And for the first time, since the last time, we’ve actually managed to find the box
Half part of a unity, but it echoes like a sound that’s drowning in space
And it doesn’t matter if the oceans are deep, when you’re drowning in fate
Or in fatigue, it’s a cruel world hearing your whispers, but never when you scream
Simply because your nightmares aren’t the worst things you can dream
When we’ve been rolled over by a beast, but wolves don't lose sleep over counting sheep
Like leaves never leave without a change of leaf, but dreams do come true
Even though 99 percent of them are nightmares in the end and probably will hurt you
Speaking of dreams...
They only occur if you tell your imagination your head is hospitable
We were told to invest them in our future, because such an investment would be profitable
We would fulfil and share our dreams, because our debts would make us feel responsible
Had it worked out it would've been phenomenal
But the reality is, we’ve loaned so much our debts are holding us back
And there is no controlling the past
...is there?
This here is just a testament of how life can be, but reality never fails to see an escape from the inevitable ending, the feeling of all those years gone by without nothing achieved, but a lost belief in humanity and justice, and you’ll get what you’ve earned when your nightmares burst out in flames
Hence, we have to work so hard to pay the rents we cannot afford the luxury of living our dreams
...Is this how life was supposed to be?

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021