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Eye Candy

I used to walk in circles, thinking of you
About the love I have never had, about you, and what to do, how to make this beautiful dream of us come true
Round like a circle, but I lived my life square
Moved from point A, to B, to C, and sometimes tripped on E, but we never ever paired
Yeah, I used to think my life was unfair
Like I was not actually moving in circles, I looked at a map, pointed out A, B and C and realized I was walking in paths shaped triangular
I had a great deal of emotions inside, so much love, but nobody was there so share, so why care?
I was standing at the same point I had before, shocked and broken
I could actually feel a self-esteem improvement, thanks to my own stupidity of leaving my diary unlocked and open
In a world full of people so indifferent
So close to founding a movement, but found out I was the only one making a difference in a world where nobody listen
It is clear, that if you have got an opinion and express it
You are going to be labelled as a trouble maker, and if you speak honesty people will make damn sure you’ll regret it
So... My diary? Well, it was clear somebody was going to read it
And that somebody tore out some pages, copied them up, posted and I felt exposed to a point I could not believe it
I had to cover up, because you were not there when it was dark
I was really in need of you, to hug me, hold me and to catch me, when I was falling from a great height, in your arms
Yeah, it was like my love life suddenly became an open book
Open for everyone to scrutinize and I was just trying to hide my memories, before anyone could take a closer look
I mean, that feeling of love I have never had
Never touches me until I look back, and realize what I have been missing, that smile of yours that used to make me glad
Now, honestly, I have made some bad decisions
And when I write down my memories one day, I am afraid that when I listen to my heart and to what it is missing
I will realize, that the only thing I have really missed out on was ...you!
Like if, the greatest mistake I have ever made, was not daring to ask you out on a date, in my youth
You were my school love, my eye candy
If only, I would have asked you out, who know what would have happened? It could have been you and me
Now I am twenty seven, and you are too
We are older, but when we speak, you still remind me of our youth, when we were still young and you were so beautiful
You still are, so perhaps I should ask you out now?
Because we have not changed, have we? We are still the same, and you are still the finest in town...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021