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Fijnjaste La Cenicienta

I haven’t been there and I don’t know where that is
Le Cenicienta, but, I know that it’s something I miss
something I want to explore, adore, embrace and kiss
and I know that today, close to heart, I’m closer to this
than I was yesterday...

Life’s a riddle, but what’s there to see? It’s not a mystery
How our life stories are full of stories, making our history

Whatever used to depress, princess, gotta get redressed
Uniting us and giving us hope that used to be recessed
There’s a light in the tunnel, and now you’ve egressed
Turning all hard times behind us, the dark times regressed
Looking back at yesterday

We’ve been at it for a month now, figured we could bond out
If only angels could come down, I believe we’ll find out somehow

Optimism, there’s nothing such thing as indifferent truths
Used to ate whatever midnight fed, look what love’s given you?
It’s a matter of different views, what we’ll do, didn’t do or listen to
In the end we’re basically the same person ...in different shoes
Let’s meet tomorrow

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