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Fort Knox

Plots and schemes, to make it into Fort Knox
When all it takes is to think outside the box
The sun’s rising, time to put the tin foil hat on
Lay out the map of your plans and pursue a Patton
If the mercenaries fail, due to bad behaviour
Blame it on the alcohol, as there’s always a saviour

Inner peace is in the air, look down the stairs
The dogs in your backyard have got the flair
On the darkest seas, equipped with heavy armoury
There’s no ending expected close to harmony
Bring a piece of peace, if you’ve got a spare
Cut your dabs, and remember the daily prayer

Hand tucked in, one day you’ll find a matching suit
That’ll suit your paranoia when it finds the truth
Whether or not there ever was a conspiracy
It was probably an act out of illegitimacy
If so, it’ll be possible to follow the chain of evidence
From mother earth to the greatest residence...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021