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Freida Pinto

What would you do if you were liberated
What if your innermost dreams became true, but turned out different than you anticipated
What would you do if there’s no sorrow
And what if your inner turmoil ended up in an inner conflict within your eyelids tomorrow

What would you do if luck stood at your doorstep
Accusing you of blaming the wrong person when it was you yourself not doing your best
What if there never was any chance of winning
Because you were too afraid of the ending when you should’ve cared about the beginning

What if your mind was set at ease
Your heart started beating, your eyes started to see things clearly as fresh air makes peace
What if you could save the poor
And heal the diseased, break the core, identify the problem, find a cure and heal the sore

What if you actually started to believe
What if people actually started listening to how words formulate sentences as you speak
What if the world followed your plan
Simply because there was a grasp of logic within reach, able for everybody to understand

What if there was a myth to discover
What if people actually went from Carl Jung to George Jung and made peace with each other
What if the world put you in the middle
And you were a character in your own diary, an Edward Nigma able to solve any riddle

What if there weren’t any ‘what if’s in your misery?
If you take a close look at history, it inevitably repeats itself, continuously, it’s a mystery
How things can turn up again so differently
The world's a Rubik’s Cube, you’re the key, a truth between lies, solving our problems so vividly

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