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Fuck You

If there ever was anything, you could have just asked
If I ever could give you guidance, I would have loved that
Now, we both know you have an insatiable appetite for life
There’s a net around us and you're still asking why I’m tied?
Looking innocent, but there was a dramatic saga to tell
A fairytale that ended up looking like a drama from hell
Told me lately, you’ve had enough of this and that
Like there’s no future and you’re stuck with the past
Now, I’ve finally come to a point where I’ve had enough too
So listen carefully when I humbly ask: How about a big FUCK YOU!?
There was once two, but it’s not true, since you’re just cruel
Fool me once, fool me twice, I’m a question mark in a costume
But let’s face it “us” is a saga now, since I won’t just stoop...

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