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Gar(b)age Story

The key is in place and now the engine is roaring
Outside the closed garage door the rain is pouring
Someone’s crying inside the foggy windows of the car
If anybody would ask why, she’d refer to the stars
And some cult like romantic view an thoughts of heaven
She never thought these would get her, but she let them
Poison and follow her heels like low self esteem
Suicidal thoughts ‘cause of a naïve paradise belief
And a package full of self disrespect, because of regrets
It’s a black shadow increasing the lower she gets
Used by people who never cared about her needs or worth
Death now feels good, compared to this hell on earth
Inside the mind of an almost grown woman, yet still a girl
With a black hole inside not knowing where it hurts
In search of an eternal bliss, love, an eternal kiss
Alone with a feeling it’s better not, than living like this
Alone all by herself, still among a lot of people
Simply because they’re never treating her equal

And that feeling of nobody knowing who she really is
Is something that should make all of us be feeling this
This story may seem tragic, but honestly we can have it
Simply because together we're shaping the society as this
But this knowledge doesn’t help this girl right now, does it?
This could be your fam, friend, neighbour or even cousin
Funerals counted by dozens, and the Grim Reaper loves it
Face the suicide numbers in an equation you can't cozen
Increasing by every minute, right now somebody does this
'cause the human aspects of humanity are something forgotten
And every single loss of a beautiful life is a problem
So as long as suicides occur in society, people we've got 'em
Who's there to take the falls of those that hit rock bottom?
Problem is, there's no premonition, some things come unexpected
You may not cause someone this story, but please respect this
Because if you would, then ask yourself if you could let this
Story happen without a sense of guilt not having you affected
And if a single day would pass by without you not regret it?
We all care for ourselves, but we should pay attention to signs
In the end, we're letting society gamble with our lives

A lot of questions never raised should have been asked
But meanwhile you're thinking about this, let's get back
To the story, in fact, while the plot is still with her
Her body's getting cold, like tear drops in the winter
The carbon dioxide inside the car is getting thicker
Making way inside our girl’s mind for all the litter
Models of social constructions, proclaimed as idealism
She believes these are thoughts of realism
But they’re signs of today’s society’s depression
Something she wasn’t told at the last confession
Just a moment ago, she stepped inside the garage
It was broad day light, but still nobody saw
Her sitting on the approach with a paper and pen
Without friends, pale white contemplating her sins
And tearfully writing her final funeral wish list
Because everybody’s busy minding their own business
It’s a world with individuals not caring about others
Life stories pass by in the papers, soon goes another
But not this girl’s, because someone opens the car port...
...the decision is easy, if this was you; what is yours?

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021