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In the Ride

I think I think about you too much
I think I sing about you too much
In the shower, in the ride
I sing about your grace all the time

I think I want you too much
I think we’ve bonded enough
In the bed, in the ride
Is there any place we aint fucked all night?

I think I love you too much
I can’t get mind fucked enough
In the poetry class, in the ride
When you speak we lose track of time

I think I’m down with you too much
I think about every god damn stuff
On the stage, in the ride
And sometimes you’re making me cry

I think I’m seeing the future too much
And the one we’ve got’s getting rough
In the park, in the ride
Until the end of times, or we die

I think I have to let go of you love
Simply because now it’s enough
In the supermarket, in the ride
So this is the final good bye

Good bye, you know what’s up
Because honestly honey we’ve got stuck
In this somethingship, in the ride
And continuing would be a worthless try

Simply because when the going’s rough
You only want my bucks, not my love
In the end, in the ride
And I’m empty of love, so good bye...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021