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Life of the Dead

Life of the dead
There is no escaping fate
but if you have faith
there might be light in the tunnel at the end of the day

Life of the dead
After this, there is
probably nothing, an eternal bliss
in search of the perfect rose and the right smile to kiss

Life of the dead
There is no time to rest
no last breathe to bless
in front is just an inevitable heart breaking death

Life of the dead
Have a look at this image
of life's limit's visage
and find out you’re just in time to meet your lineage

Life of the dead
In the end we begin
to pray to God to forget our sins
but will probably realize in the end it's too late to make amends

Time just of fled
Truth accepts no lying
we’re living our lives afraid of dying
and forgetting to live life before the end of time is...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021