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Love Farmer

I was once a love farmer, now it’s more of former
I find myself standing with my back up against the wall
Looking into a mirror, knowing I’ve painted myself into a corner
And if my knees will weaken, there’s no one there to take the fall

See there was a time I was out in the blue, but now it’s all so grey
I’ve kept my head up, looked my trials and tribulations straight in the eyes
Ending up in all of the colours I had painted with fading away
And so, I’m living a life that every sage man would consider built on lies

It’s supposed to be my time now, but the now never becomes mine
See, I’ve been watching the clock for so long I can now count thirteen hours
When I open my eyelids it’s all so dark, but there used to be sunshine
Making me grow, like a rose in the concrete, but I’m more of a wild flower

See, even if the ship had sailed, I used to be wild, I wasn’t ever to be tamed
I was out late at night looking for the cat to possibly match the lion
Now it’s all so changed, with winds in the sails, I have issues to face
Like, why dig gold in the middle of nowhere, when trying to find a diamond?

When I look at the man I am today, I see a world full of sins
A lot of attempts made, but everyone of them ended up in futility
I try to keep my head up, but no longer see a boy with beardless chins
I’m a grown man now, and I just have got to face responsibility

I’m looking at you, and when I speak, the only thing said is truth
See wherever you are, you always appear when I least want it
You’re the reason why I feel trapped within myself, not knowing what to do
I hate you dear lie, and I’m really tired of being haunted

It’s like you make me mean, and that’s not really me, my inside screams
Looking at a piece of paper, got me writing my New Year vows
Far as my memory goes, can’t remember when you came into the scene
But, dear lie, it’s time for you to leave, so get out of my head now...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021