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Working hard to find the right path to my mojo
On your hills climbing up and down like a jojo
On the ocean of love you’ll find me at the dolos
I’m half a part of a team, but without the second solo
Instead of thousand words to arouse, make it a photo
Let fame arise, any discovery'll be considered promo
Action satisfaction, your desire is my first proto
I wouldn't slip on your lips with an S&M logo
Whatever your needs are I'll go with any soso
I'm no Joe, I'll clown your problems like Pogo
Now, we could play on your body without phono
I'll hold your wealth like Odo, in the streets of Soho
There’s a distant yes involved, and also a no go
If you bother to ask about poly? ...fuck, I’m mono
Speaking body language with any kind of tono
During cats and dogs rain fall like music of Lono
I'll meet your condition with tricks like botos
Twisting the tongue until your senses turn loco
Come on let’s mix your brown sugar with my cocoa...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021