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Mood Swings

Why won’t you listen my friend?
Got a lot of problems, because the moods are shifting again
Gotta think outside the box
Like how to draw mood swings pictures without lifting the pen
Like how to connect the dots
Between today and the future to make it a different end
Life’s a great staged show
And on stage it’s hard to believe in yourself, easier to let go
Change the views they know
Of, how to lose control of everything that you used to know
About, how to grow
What you’ve grown, honestly I’ve lost that battle years ago
But I’m here today
To meet tomorrow, but my honesty seems to scare you away
And if there’s a better way
Then yes, life, honey, let’s play, the best way would be to explain
How life stories exchange
Experiences and how things can change so rapidly the next day
Meds say I’m needing some
Even though prescriptions should be reduced to a minimum
Visions, I’m seeing some
Black crows, illusions that grow, black holes, and other idioms
Cannot cope with being one
Simply because fighting these demons is hard without the lithium
You know I've got 'em
They've been called ludicrous, placebo effective, rejecting problems
But they're not 'em
Because in the end, we cannot control emotions simply to box 'em
This factor's a constant
Looking at people knowing even if it isn't shown, this is common
Because nobody sees the pain
I'm not asking for much, but to be able one day to see a change
It's not me being vain
But some hope would be a nice, because there should be a way
Out of this bleeding pain
Us with inner turmoils experience and the prices we have paid
All the lies they sell
In the end we look at social ideals of today and can't feel well
We're in need of help
In this hell...
In this hell...
In this hell...
In this hell...
In this hell...
And we're trapped in a belt...
That's slowly narrowing itself
Down and we cannot stay at a place where darkness dwells
And even though we all share this hell yet alone we yell
In hope of somehow finding some way to get out of the cell
Just like a lonesome belle
Trapped in a fairytale spell
Caused us a lot of farewells
And sentences, ordinated L's
Strange feelings we have felt
And with those we have delt
Simply because without prescriptions we can't bear with ourselves
Where's the wealth
If we're not taking care of each other and our own personal health?
We're all gathering up
Looking in mirrors even though the visions are never flattering us
We should be battering up
Because we're worth happiness as much as what's battling us
Life, we're not asking much
Because we're always unanswered and the math's never adding up
You’ve given me yourself, life
And I’m walking forward backwards, offering you me, myself and I...
Won’t you come and try?
See, I’ve been told it will be worth it, if only it lasts for just a while
Your smile may be fragile
Like mood swings, but happiness is still to find within your eyes...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021