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Ms. Klondike

We were both living a dream, the same dream
We both knew what it meant, but don’t know what it means
Some things aint to be reasoned with, we were living in a bubble
A bubble that sooner or later would get us in trouble
And it did, like our last bid, so we hid our relationship
We were already spoken for, but got nothing in the bed
So we gave it an etiquette of a somethingship instead
To what costs? And which cost was a cost that was worth the cost?
The losses in our pasts, because everybody knew what it was
But we didn’t, forgot to act anxious, because we were in denial
Repressed memories, meanwhile our future was up for trial
We held back, because the now followed us like an arrow
We couldn’t walk anywhere without being controlled by its shadow
Darkening our backs, while our fronts followed the wrong light
So we bonded together, with clean sheets, at the frontline
Ms. Klondike, I’m happy you were on the other side, sometimes
Because, this dream wouldn’t be the same without you sunshine

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021