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Old Wine

Life’s like an old wine, you can sip, but miss all cherries
Like you’re looking outside the box while you’re packing up boxes of small minds for blackberries
Reality tells the truth, but lies... they sell
Lies they tell, oh well that’s just an add on to the lies they’re selling
Hardly any truth to be told over lies they’re yelling
From up above the sun, down the moon, late night they’re dwelling
Deep in the caves of our minds
they're changing our time, estranging our plights
Strange dreams late at night of Oh-shaped faces with eyes of gold and silver spoons in their mouths
It all goes down to a closed one way road, so why not take another route?
But no, we’re standing beside the road thinking of all the thoughts passing by
Actions taken, decision being made, but we’re never asking why
living life simple in a complex simplicity
The limitations within the human mind holds us like our resentment and cautiousness over our own need of vicinity
Not complete, yet we’re filling the black hole with souls soled with severity
History has proven things can get a bit draconian
Especially when looking like a Bedford Stuyvesant perspective; ...extraordinary extraordinarian!
Like the grasp of politics, the eye catches the glitter, but it's litter, so nobody bothers
We call this voiceless piece the land of freedom, the life of own choices, the earth of all holy mothers
Dear mother of God, we’re striving to find a way to each one’s own holy grail
But yet we all fail to see that into the wind we won’t even slowly sail
Ending up at the starting point, in a global mass consummation of dark constellations
It’s a hard way of finding a peace of mind in a state of damnation
that won’t find a place for neither graceful mercy or salvation not based on self temptation
No agitation, but where are the actions not being taken without a second thought?
Of any kind, many kinds and many minds we’ve lost, but was it really worth the cost?
Simple rules to a hard game, written upon the basis of the pressure principle
Hence, find the right points and expect a minimal... will of defense
Always perform and performing well, very well, under pressure, lies they sell, sold, never tell what they’ve told, you
Hell, burning in eternal fire, your desire? Well we couldn’t find a place to place it without misplacing it
In a naïve belief of finding a way, because it's doubtful this one'll save it
Are you staying with us fate? The past recent events show a pattern of an ending repeatedly resulting faceless
We’ve got faith in you, because the dark thoughts emerged before you were born
History repeats itself, again, again, again, again and again, like having being said in days of yore
Yep, once again, we're just silently waiting for the silence before the storm...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021