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Outside the Box

Ought to straighten the question mark, have to think outside the box
Because most of the time the answer is found within the inner circle
There is not always a final destination, but always a purpose
All the signs are there, the rest is square
trying to walk a path that seems to be triangular
on a planet with a society constructed by apes
But in the middle there’s a place, for a rectangular shape
Filled with information and sometimes the eye catches the sense of a picture
A magnifier can't even detect by increasing the size of life's scripture

All good things come to an end, a time when they will no longer last
but it's necessary to look back sometimes to be able to move forward
As there is no such thing as a future without a past
But there’s a past without a future
A past that used to be the future, a face behind every mask
Came bandaged to the emergency with a heart with leaking sutures
But there was only one cure as this heart was bleeding in need of love, not grief
Found out there’s a language for deaf ears to speak
As the truly most beautiful universal sound in the universe is peace

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021