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Pot of Gold

There is so much you’ve gotta leave behind
All bad memories running inside your mind
Haunting you in your own day dreams
Making way for future love troubles

Let go, regain control
Find your own spark
And embrace the day
And your inner peace

There is so much your mind gotta mind
All those new memories you will find
Above the surface, if only should you seek
And start by step up outta the mud puddle

And know to face your soul
Mind your own heart
And retrace the way
To find your old dreams

There is so much you’ve gotta climb
Up and down the curves of the body and mind
Strengthening your self esteem
As your cup of tea questions up double

Let’s lose our pot of gold
Find out who we are
And then change the take
On what love really means

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021