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It’s called progress
Some people focus so hard on the ultimate goal they’re getting lost within the process
Some lack patience
And after years of trying to reach the top, they’re ending up burnt up and on medication
Everybody’s so busy
Waking up late with nightmares from compulsory school asking for God, but where is he?
Trying to be somebody
Going to company parties just to taste the adult atmosphere, laughing and drinking Bacardi
Inside they’re all the same
They’re still small children forced to grow up, and play a game with strained faces everyday
Lost in the contest
Tried to reach the top, but fell down and found themselves walking around topless
Beaching on their vacation
Simply trying to earn a good commission whatever the occasion
Everybody wants to find the truth
But grew up so god damn fast they learned to be adults in school, but forgot about their youth
Whatever’s the page
They’re lost within space, trying to maintain a balance that won’t ever change
Visiting cards dealt out
Cinema dating, Sex and the city, American Psycho, Wall Street, Bone collector, Spellbound
No matter what contradiction
The average worker’s life’s never been as real as on the screen, but listen, it’s all fiction!
It’s all their imagination
Life will never be anything out of the ordinary, it’s merely a tiny fragment of the population
So in the end there’s nothing to it
Alcohol’s always there, dancing to music, fucking strangers late after at the pub, acting stupid
It’s called grown up socializing
If you’re a part of it, don’t think it’s anything else than it really is, try not to die trying...

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