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Pt 1: The Monster

There’s a monster inside
You can see it if you look closely into my eyes
Look deep into my soul
You’ll see I’ve got a black heart and am stone cold
I've burned down the bridges
We cannot walk back to the other side of the river
It’s futile waiting for another tide
Even though the grass may be greener on the other side
Things look mellow
There’s a deep black hole we can call a hell hole
The monster stays below
Life’s a package I’d sell whole, to any of my fellows
See, we’re all monsters
Living a life we don’t want, but can’t confront her
There's a truth to find
Let’s look at the pragmatically dogmatic person this time
There's a strong belief
That there's a decency within your thoughts that relieves
I’m looking deep inside
Of the monster of mine, to find truth within the lies
Of black hearts without heart beats
Look in the mirror, look at us, and tell me, what are we?
We're the daily news sinning
There's a lot of monsters losing, but no one's winning
A lot of questions to ask
How angels turned to a black future from a white past
Where’s the happiness we lived in?
The monsters depriving us the happiness we were given
We’re all dying, afraid of being the last
Scared to realize there's a monster behind the monster mask...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021