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Pt 2: The Political Monster

What’s on your political agenda?
Things looked bad even before the 11th of September
Looking at our ministers
Knowing the outcome of their work will be sinister
The monsters bend the law now
Who decides who's to live bourgeois life in your town?
Where's the voice of democracy?
The third reich's giving monsters a face in this dynasty
Kleptocracical movement black lists
The oppositional monsters inside as being fascists
A whole lot of doable antis
If there's a problem, then surely society can have it
Swore the oath of honesty, and lies
The queen in house doesn't care if the hard working ants die
Paragraphs nobody's ever heard of
To protect the financial sources, risking political murder
Party programs filled with lies
New political movements waves arrives with the tide
Can't trust a blur like the times
When the winds are anarchistically flying the kite
The puppet on the strings dies
Broken hearted lobbyists provoking with plebiscites
Whether you're right or left wing
Better check the foundation of your political settings
Altruism isn't ostensibly advocated
Better to tell the truth than stand in front of God naked
Our prejudices are causing fractions
Whether or not you're taking part of affirmative action
We’ve all become delusional
There are no longer any options that are optional
There once used to be laughter
Now there’s just an empty space left with disaster
Experiencing political indifference
We’re all monsters in this system, dead monsters living
Looking for answers in books
Walking over corpses, not caring about how it looks
There's no such thing as obstacles
Rescue programs are going to make rapprochement possible
There's a strong sense of disbelief
But the grey mass quietly nod their heads when politics speak
Karma's seeking justice in them
But there isn't any in this society, it's insufficient...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021