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Reductio Ad Absurdum

Time to beat the bullet!
To lead the lead
Can you cope?
Probably not, so probably will you probably probably bite the bullet instead
Probably caused confusion
To explain before the next plane the core is basically that it's possible it's possibly just an interim solution

Is this life the journey of your life?

Life is hard
In the 21st century even silver spooners get a rough start
You're on the black list
There's no time to pray to God
Forget about religion, you're an atheist
At least you believe you believe in nothing, but is your faith dismissed?
So much to believe in, so many plots with bad apparels
Have been lock, stock, and barrelled
Attention! There might come a Freudian slip
Your life must be a blockbuster
No third part, this is from a horse's mouth
The course is south
Like always when mankind's trying to find a light in the dark
It begins with a walk in the park
No, wait...
...it began with a talk in the park
But they didn't speak the same language
Funny, peace should be easy to express, especially since we all smile the same way

Most people missed the mist
but felt the effects of the left cloud nines for their hearts
Did I mention? There might come a Freudian slip
Do you ever find yourself caught in a surreal reality?
Lights, camera & action
The last to be the first
Got a sharp tongue with a politically smooth touch so you're on!
No, you were on
Before the illuminate took over and turned everybody to mindless morons
The last to be the first gone
It's a simple world, made up of rules and order
On a daily basis, A.B.C. is trying to cross the border
But the world's mostly DEF
We're living in a society that's happily labelling the population's individuals and divide them into categories made up of capital letters
Convinced that's going to make things better
(Which letters do you want? Mine or somebody elses?)
Cerca trova
Everybody's got hidden agendas
Covering the truth like it's December
Missed the flash?
Or are you just pretending like you don't remember?
Today you're yesterday's news
Looking like everybody else, we're all equally different
Whispering, because somebody might listen
There's a clue, but the red line is missing
Even though everything seem to be in order
Remember, the biggest fish is not necessarily in the deepest water
Speaking of water...
What's in your red wine?

F all of that paranoid shit!

Let's look at it through the perspective of March;
Have you ever considered the possibility that your lack of ambition might have been the root to your lack of success?
Living a life of being a hypocrite isn’t easy when you stick to the facts, but end up missing the point
In the end if you’re not being critical to people in tin foil hats then the problem's on your own table
The very same table that’s being used as a landing field, and it’s on your own responsibility to keep bottled air, in case of an emergency.
Talking about manners like it’s a courtesy to be decent enough to show decency, in a world full of absurdity
Recent events should’ve proved the mere thought is an absurdity, just like the idea of anyone bothering about your feelings
Conspiracies are continuously leaving the building, like the roof left the ceiling
And it is only in the dark your true colours are being shown
God bless the world, the place where we emotionally dig up the youth and leave people in need of help alone

Religion's unveiled the truth
Mankind’s true colour has been exposed
But what can you do but change your views?
Some things are buried for a reason
50 years, or so, later somebody accidentally stumbled upon someone’s buried guilty conscience
Your skeletons are being scrutinized!
But hey, don’t worry.
There won’t be any head lines because your guilty conscience is pure nonsense
The content is basically the end of the line
The bottom of the river made of tears has been reached, and it’s there where you find the friends of your life
A union of commonists incapable of compute how many compliances they get from communists...
Come on sis, you’re not in this brotherhood
...so get away from this friendship fast as 6, because your love is still good enough to escape another flood.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021