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Give up and try, try, try
Even though you don’t like your therapy or terrorapy
It’s basically up to you whether or not you let the words of reality
get into your head ....and if you’ll let them go
without violating patience/doctor confidentiality
Doctor, doctor, doctor, the truth’s shocking, will you ever learn?
It’s just another diagnosis, but it could just be diagnonsense
Evidently we’re tired of all the constant questions about conscience
whether or not with evidence, I’m confident that yours is questionable
Gotta let the truth go, to capture another white lie, released outta hospital
but not because thing got better, they just gave up on you...

Looking into a mirror of thoughts without reflections
Gotta let go
Retiring the retro
Looking like things will settle

Give up and lie, lie, lie
Memories that never meant shit to me, living close by upon you
beneath your skin, there’s an interest of conflict getting sun tzued
We’re falling apart from within, without having completed a single sin
Showing no signs of colour, fading away like a part falling apart
Tired of doing nothing special, so it’s all pale special, especially in the dark
Addictive to addictions, like a bad habit, gotta have it, will most likely get addicted
whatever damage'll be inflicted, worth labelling; no actions restricted
simply because if you would get down... hey, I’m down with it
we’re two in this ...but you don’t know half of it, do you?

Got a deceitful memory that’s lying
things weren’t better in the past
It’s just that
the bad memories have learned
to disguise themselves behind masks

Give up, because the truth hides, hides, hides...
Your secrets

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021