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Rock Bottom

I never expected the truth to be found in a bottle
neither on the bottom
of it
but it didn’t prevent me from emptying it
Did it?
No, nor did it prevent me from reaching the bottom
and keep on looking, that's true
looking after nothing but bad news
maybe that’s why we’re continuing on living around here
life’s not better anywhere else, we’re all jinxed
trying to keep our memories suppressed, so we're pouring up more drinks
saying, lately I’ve been drinking
because I’ve been thinking
a lot
Saying, I drink booze to keep my head off the bad news
And got
black visions of happy memories forgotten and buried

I never expected love to be found in a bottle
Neither on the bottom
Of it
Love should never be a burden
should it
But it’s a burden to find
it's a burden when the dizzyness can't find its home
Saying, dear love, I love the journey of love and its model
But I can't find a place to store the bottle
Especially if one’s a horrible judge of character
you can find me inside the bars of your mind
when you close your eyelids, at night
And if you’re waking up and wondering why I stare
I’m just looking at you
cold blooded with warm feelings inside
should you give me a sign
I’d come to your rescue when the bottle is empty
Blink twice if you're being held hostage by your nightmares
Saying, things haven’t changed much since the day before tomorrow
But it’s always the right time to wake up from your sorrows
...to face reality

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021