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Rubik's Cube

Looking at the lies, thinking of everything that I’ve sacrificed
I would bother searching for some honourable truth if only I had the time
Got nothing, the people are the problem, voices you’ve heard them
But no matter if you’ve got them, cant trust a double tongued serpent
I never took a step forward, it was the people in front that took two steps back
It’s a story tortured behind the corner trying to find light when it’s jet black
Humankind, we’re the result of evolution, but the end looks more like an execution
Howcome you always come to me with problems, but never with solutions?
Protecting honour with retribution, when you’re stepping through the door
Cannot help but remember the day you were born, now you’re running to the board
But forgot what you do it for or what you used to do... it’s a brutal truth
And finding it is like walking in a labyrinth and at the same time solving a Rubik’s cube
Why tile up to watch stars through the roof? Life stories ending up in stalemate, hey
One word of advice, if you’re feeling alone at night, don’t kill your cell mate, mate
Better to drink until we cannot walk anymore, but still as we talk people go
So in the end, it’s the same story we’ve heard before, how does evil know?

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021