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I’m selling my shadow to the highest bidder
You can find it anywhere you usually find litter
Hey, I’m not a quitter, say, I’m not a giver
But you’ll get it for cheap all things considered
Because, like snakes in the grass it slithers
It smothers all precious things that glitters
And whatever slurred words, my shadow deliver
Tied up in the gutter with a bottle of liquor
Now, I don’t mean to sound dark or ...bitter
But the profit of my shadow is a non giver
You can’t get between, like a cancerous liver
But still find yourself stuck in the middle
Where will the shadow go? ...the every day riddle
It stalks backs like rumours are by twitter
But without a forward address or any remitter
And when the sun’s low it is making us little
Damn tired of this shadow, and will soon bristle
Because when I stand up for myself or my sisters
Defending our right for light the shadow’s bigger
Like a gold digger digging gold, but finds silver
Said, this probably couldn’t get any sicker
So I’m buckling up and prepare to button my zipper
When I can’t run away, 'cause my shadow’s quicker
Or find it in darkness, because light can’t filter
And like the truth my shadow’s a heavy hitter
Like snow falls in the winter, come buy this winner
Promise it’ll follow you forever, like karma a sinner...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021