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Shape of a Diamond

Never thought we would go as far as to nine
looked up to the sky, and saw the sign
it was about time, so you started to shine
left to a sky red just like wine
yet so divine...

News flash... You had a Godlike figure, but were born with horns
your stature was minimal and you finished at the starting line, but ended up with an odd shape
tasted sour, just like grape...

Reading an open book, but can't hold the pages
so the view never changes
might as well save tonight
wake up to a new day and have a look ...it's a cat's story
clawed and ended it way before we’d
gotten a chance to realize the full potential of its glory
four in the morning, answered your call and then left
passed away, said good bye in the same breath
oh Jesus, you died a criminals death
was it worth it? Did you deserve it?
Would it have hurt if you had stayed longer?
Weren’t you supposed to get stronger?

Living in a melody made of classy brass
where there's no past, but the one that didn't match
(look at yourself looking at a piece of paper with an offer unrefusable but you're still trying to figure out what's the catch)

My head's the only place where I'm alone in this town
I invite you to share it with me, if only you come down
we could count every step until the last breath
because I've calculated out how many we’ve got left
there's no escaping death, so there's no time to rest
the other night we found a place for tomorrow
but still haven’t found a place for your sorrow
said only when it’s dark your true colours come forth
when others want to go south, I’d like to go north
what you would need is a heart full of good deeds
should tell the world... If only your heart could speak

Like time glasses walking on the beach
tell the world what it should seek...
...and it shall find, because when ends meet, the ring is being completed
its stone may have an odd shape, like a trapezoidal icositetrahedronal shaped diamond
but it is still worth nine lives.

Always wanted to touch the sky, and reach the clouds
praying to angels without even knowing their whereabouts
there’s an empty space
right where you used to have your place
now I walk towards you at a rather slow pace
said, never regret things that once made you smile
now I’ve tried to, but fail even though you were mine for a while
that's why I write, I had a case but missed trial
now I seek the truth, the times we had in our youth
behind laughter, abuse and memories oh so beautiful
but let’s leave the past
I’ve learned life’s lesson now, but still have to ask
how can your death be so cruel?

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021