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Signs of no hope
The God within, forever will it be the lost voice possibly nobody could control
Spoken to by elderly men who has written tons of books without soul
Old wise sayings, youth slayerings, shattered lives and data
Mass consumption thoughts like particles splattered with toxic liquids of antimatters

Signs of no hope
A lot of water has passed by under the bridge, bringing a current to ride the boat
A lot of thunder and lightning has struck, and rain drops have fallen on the coat
Watering eyes believing in old folk lores, spoken in hope of higher meanings
But in the end leaving no signs of hope, when Satan’s work on Earth’s deceiving

Signs of no luck
Without a lot of sense, but dense lots, fortunately, luck? Aint having much
All the books and lessons of self destruction? …It aint adding up!
Considering all the pros and cons, considering the nonsense
Peacefully living besides the moral laws, ethically staying in shape to con them

Signs of no luck
Like life’s walking around with a fat fucking purse, but inside aint no bucks
Delivering great speeches, like a politican, but there’s no change or trust
Beautifully crafted ideas, elevated hiearchies, to control the populations
in wait of the awakening and the revelation of all our trials and tribulations…

Wake up and see the signs… Before it’s too late.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021