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Sleep Walking

A deed's calling...
Better follow the red line, even though you are sleep walking
Speakers on, microphone close by, you better keep talking
Reveal your inner desires, lit a fire with your day dreams
It may seem like there’s no cipher to decode what they mean
But in the end, having no knowledge’ll take care of the problems
Problems, huh? You've lived a life acting like you aint got ‘em
Deny, deny, deny... Why not? You’re already living a life in denial
In the end, at the front line, your whole life will be up on trial...
Word of advice, when all else fails, never stop what you’re doing
It’s never an ending until the day you’ll find your life in ruins
So, what are you pursuing?

[This poem was written impulsively and has not been rewritten or adjusted at all. Can't call it a one minute poem though, it took me more than one minute to write it...]

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