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Come on, finally it’s snowing
In this city park, there’s no time being strangers
Let’s take hands while the streetlights are glowing
Let’s lay down in the white and make snow angels

Who knows where this is going
There’s a world out there, and we could change her
And really, who cares what the clock is showing?
During the birth of love there are no painful labours

There’s knowledge, but no knowing
First eye contact, hand shakes, two word exchangers
On a deep blue surfaced ocean of love we’re rowing
Being each others rescuer, if ever should occur danger

Our snow angels are mind blowing
Let’s take a walk and talk and save the rest for later
Just enjoy the now, with a something-ship growing
Glad we’ve met under the crystals, beautiful stranger

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021