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The Birth

Standing next to her, in the dark, is a man in this prime
He’s about to let go of his thoughts about the future for a while
Is time now and started years ago? Not really, it started tonight
What’s happening’s he’s finally gotten the chance fathering a child
After years of trying… Mhm, so many years of hopelessly trying
Finally, with God’s blessing, now’s seemingly the right timing
04.05, after some painful hours for baby mother he’s eyeing
His daughter while she’s in baby mothers arms crying
And he can’t help but look into her pale blue eyes as theirs meet
Holding her little baby hand, looking at her small feet
Still not believing what he sees, a reality hard to grasp, indeed
There were some tough times, but this is the result of a great belief
Nine months of waiting, plenty of advice on the way
But when the final day arrived he just don’t know what to say
Finally coming to his senses, what he feels is real, whispering
“Welcome to the world, beloved baby girl” as if the baby’s listening
He kisses baby mother, says “Love you” staring deep into her eyes
Baby girl’s squeezing his hands, warm feelings spread inside
Knowing, it’s finally his time, to experience the fruit of love‘s worth
The baby doesn’t bother, she’s busy looking at the world
He picks her up, holds her gently, like she’s a fragile doll
And all the problems he used to has suddenly seem banal...

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