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The Breezes

Following the breezes
you’re moving prestigious, leaving me speechless
like pearls or seashells in the ocean I couldn’t need less
but some rain drops mixed with that salty water of yours
to crystal cover my surface with when we're offshore
the view's taking us under, the fresh air sooths with every inhale
looking up to the stars above holding the gunwale
a fairytale with wind in the sails, following the rocky emotions
cruising Ms Sunshine, hot tempered, but cooling off in the ocean
and tasting the horizon’s lips following the contours of devotion
history has had rivers cried, kept picturing oceanic mentally
asking the future; please remain a dream and not a memory
damaging damaged fragments of despair sent to sea
simply because losing the dream would be the end of the
endlessly naïve beliefs sent to seek every scent to breath
in with the winds barely recognizable in the landscape of rocks and fog
but still creating waves never seen upon any docks or logs
heavenly sent to lead black swans in a lovely box of frogs
but still loveable like Honeysuckle, the sea’s
a mermaid able to Foyle hurricanes but she’s loving trouble, for Weeks,
meanwhile we’re nearly drowning trying to be humble and scream
fruitlessly for help within the frames of a rosy scenery
like being under deck on a sinking ship stuck with the machinery
the story could be greener see, we wouldn’t have to be in this mess
had we bothered not dumping in the ocean we could’ve progressed
like bottled post follows the streams and finds it way through life
if we listen to mother nature’s compass we’ll survive tonight
there’s a light in the tunnel and no such thing as shining too bright
you might get bitten by insects, find out love comes ship wrecked
caught up in a surreal delusional world stranded in some inlet
forgotten back home, all alone without any hope in sight
passing by a lighthouse and harbour because of broken lights
meanwhile you're stranded inside and your voices start open fights
and the dream of being rescued has vanished
because the damaged nature of humanity’s vanquished
and the dream of finding happiness on a treasure island
turns out to a brutal reality of a Zephyr's hydrants
flags floating like crucial signs to interpret on a desert island
but, had mankind understood to endeavour silence
listen to mother nature, love life instead of treasure diamonds
and to follow the sky when the stars exert guidance
it would’ve made sure to keeping them safe, not leading astray
in need of the brave, sleeping with pain, yet dreaming of change
and just like the waves, we’re going through life pretending
like there’s a different ending from the message life’s sending
when our colours fade away and snow’s descending
we pray for sunshine when we're following the streams of the tides
desperately trying to reach the mainland when all things coincide
yet alone the dreams were kept, and with love faith and belief slept
reality is a brutal concept to accept and oceans mankind has wept
if you hold your ear close to a seashell and listen to its depth
the sound track of the ocean'll whisper the story of the inevitable death
as it's closing in upon yourself because you’re a pawn in the mermaids chess

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021