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The Cure of Bain

Reasons versus instinct, our possibilities have got so many faces
Whichever road you decide to follow and whatever your aim is
Betcha, own responsibility will setcha as the recoil target, see
Some things happen for a reason, yet they still cause inner turmoil artlessly
We act out of instinct, but we act like we’re able to follow reason
Living amongst people whom, on a daily basis, fight their inner demons
Your luck’s not the same as what you’ve just got and cannot change
Mundane affairs, preceded by the obituaries your way of life may obtain
The outcome’s predictable, like a dice game based on principles
out of spontaneity or luck of the happiness that’s inexplicably inexplicable
Because you lack the commodity of living with a dull
mental stability and sensible luxury, because it’s despicable
and out of place, like psycho phrase writing in the Mind of Bain
Or being unconscious and out of reach, because there’s nothing to save
But a picture to paint, through your writing, especially using imagery
With images from the world’s childhood and purity
Where humankind stands as a sole adulthood equal conformity
Hence, cosmic balances balance like recessions caused by your depression
And the repression of the real essence... Of desire
At last, think instinctively while holding your mask and answer this question;
Are you ready to follow your demons of reason for no reason and jump into the fire?
Your inner depth might up the ante, since every temptation, might cause altercations
Between and within ourselves, because we lack the patience, to wait for salvation...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021