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The Date

Tonight will I get a date with the future?

Tonight I’ve got a date with the future
I’m not fond of her, but I just want to get over the past, fast
My heart’s leaking, I’m not properly sutured
I’ve given myself away so many times I don’t remember the last

Tonight am I going to take a chance?

Tonight I’m going to take a chance
I’m going to embrace the future, and make it a night
Knowing, I’m well worth this romance
I’m worth something so bad it cannot be else but right

Tomorrow am I going to meet the future, with a past

Tomorrow I am going to meet the future, with a past
I’m going to remember the night we’ve shared
I’m going to ask, was it worth taking off the mask?
Knowing the answer will come from someone who doesn’t care

Is this just a dream, a never ending story?
Is it something for the future?
Is it just nostalgia?
I don’t know
But I know I’m in love with the now, even though the past hurts and the future scares me.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021