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The Domino Effect

It’s called the Domino Effect, you show a little bit of respect
And dare doing all those small things others end up having as regrets
Perhaps you miss out on your exam, but you kiss a girl in school
And everybody wants to know: “Yall together, what did you do?”
You play it cool, it’s a love story coming true, oh so beautiful
You drum on the jungle drum, but the message you’re sending
Ends up in bitter words falling down on you, like snow descending
You’re in a love world defending
Your sentences, you said some things, now there’s no mending
You never meant it, trying to deny the fact there’s an echoing never ending
The snow flakes hit you slowly, but inevitably when they hit you they melt
And you get wet and cold, but the words hit and you can’t play well
You had a lovely girl by your side, but ended up being alone
Sitting at home, looking at pictures of what used to be on your iPhone
...iPad, iPod
Look at what ...I had, I got... Not.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021