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The Joke

People, people, people
People buy things to show how they feel about each other
What happened to actually make love to show each other how we feel?
Money isn't worth a thing, in the end it's our love that's real
Who wouldn't wanna come near this?
Words forming bars, but coming from free spirits
Massages of the human consciousness
Leaving red roses on beds
Sugar whipped cream, tempting our senses
The little things that make big differences
If we only sat down and took some time to self reflect we could actually save the world
Instead of making ways wading in dirt
simply because we leave traces with a bitter aftertaste wherever we’re walking on planet earth
Attention humanity!
Speaking of reflections humanity it’s all about affection humanity
how can we let things get between us like money? That's a pure ecliptic insanity
it’s like coffee without sugar, but sugar without coffee would make anyone so go nuts
So go nuts, I mean, you’ve got no dough nuts?
You must be dripping off, like snow falls, but rain drops drop
Rocking like a rock rocks, or like a shipment by car yo!
How is it that a shipment by boat is always about cargo?
In this world you should stand out, when you're crossing oceans
like a turtle driven by a inner sense of devotion
to postpone the judgement day of its own species
swimming in waters full of lies speechless
Memories are best shelled, but your truth isn’t sacred
Sacred is the truth, like being a shell less you’re either homeless or naked
You should pick less shells, because that would give away less tells
I’m telling less, but each word says more, like a lavish thrill
Or just like a wave, it looks like it’s moving, but really it’s standing still
Like everything else that drives against the winds with the same speed
Things are going down the drain
What’s that? Well, over here we call it change
We all want it at a rapid speed, but like a story about failure the truth can’t succeed
So we keep on dreaming about the future, regretting the past
Simply because whatever we’re experiencing in the now won’t last
Said, things are going down the drain
So we might as well go sailing, but catching waves
I’m not messing with your head, even though I wouldn’t have it any other way
Forget all about this, these words are meant to blow your mind
Like whatever rare find that will make your eyes shine late at night
I’m just joking, right?

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021