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The Journalist

Somewhere in a middle class society there’s a great scandal
Some jet sets are calling the young journalist a vandal
Accusing him of trying to mark the political atmosphere
Forgetting that this world hasn’t been pure since ... was here
A lot of interviews, somebody was heavily spilling the beans
Ratted somebody else out, but really they were on the same team
It was just the other day, when the last materials got compiled
The journalist got an anonymous call, and smiled at it’s comprise
A dark raspy voice told him to have a look at some files
It was a dangerous venue to work at, things could get hostile
The fearless and naïve journalist picked up his paper and pen
Jotted some words down and then called up a publisher friend
Rushed out the door, visited some dark and cold library basements
Had a look at the files, put one and four into a sensation
It made the first page; the drawn sketch of a plausible scenario
Founded well enough to create a general public opinion on the radio
Scoop of the year, some heads had to roll, things got out of control
Somebody filed a law suit and in court the judge asked about his role
The blue eyed journalist protected his sources and got a clean sheet
In the words of peace, he chose to write out of his strong belief
So much greed involved, so much done in the words of peace
By people which a long time ago actually forgot what that means
Or what they’re fighting for as long as they’re on the side that’s winning
By any means, it seems, there’s a mankind denying all it’s sinning
There’s a whole lot of preaching, as the sky’s falling down
Heat seeking missiles falling late at night over already damaged towns
Civil casualties in every war, a lot of abused children and women
No matter on which side, there are hardly any part that’s winning
Behind closed doors, money and weapons exchanging hands
It’s not the land of the brave, it’s the land of the evil within the man
And freedom’s out of order, drawings on maps to change borders
Went from fighting with sticks and stones to economical manslaughter
History should’ve taught us enhancement, but it’s a self repeating history
Somebody is right now making a fortune out of someone else’s misery
It’s a reality some people are living in daily, don’t get yourself duped
The other day, we all read about death troops and victims on the stoop
The difference now’s the journalist doesn’t care about a world about to droop
Since he’s rich now, because of his world wide famous scoop...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021