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The Last To Know

Tired of being the last to know
the last to find out
the last at your final show
first to wake up in the morning
the last to go to sleep
the first to pray for hope
but still the last on his knees
in the end it’s the pain
that runs through your veins
I offer you a change
that never stops running
but in the end
the offer’s still worth nothing
looking like things are lost
but why bother searching?
They’re available at no cost
but should be worth something
things should matter...
But they never do
because if you lose one
someone else is always there for you
you’re a catch
a possible match
to everyone
simply because they adapt
looking at a story
that started from scratch
became something
ended up with nothing
still there are no regrets
but a belief
that in the end
when all things speak
you’ll be on your knees
looking for way out
looking at the possibilities
not liking how they sound
each one comes with responsibilities
perhaps it’s time to change now?

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021