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The Puzzle

Sometimes I really hate the truth
Because ever since our youth...

...honestly honey I’ve been in love with you
but you’ve always got a boyfriend
so there’s really nothing I modestly can do
but to respect your choices once again... And again... And again...

...and silently wait until the day you’re coming to me
see, I stay quiet in the back of your love struggles
and every time you come running to me
it’s only because I’m good at laying puzzles...

...and you’re a puzzle, such a big mess
a blow couldn’t suck a little bit less

I see the problem in broad daylight, but the pain comes at night
and if somebody ask about where my heart is, I hide it
now, I could use some new ice...
So, please break some from your heart, if you can find it?

(I know I can, I’ve laid the puzzle dozens of times)

I look into your eyes and see nothing but problems
if there ever was another, probably you’ve got them

I’m starting to see the signs
our friendship, could it be a lie?

It probably can, but I haven’t figured out the sequel
why I’m always stuck in the middle
and what exactly there is within me that you’re in need of
how come I only see you when you’re single?

Whatever your desire is, I'll forever respect it
I'll puzzle the puzzle together, but that doesn't mean I'll always get it
and there's a risk one day the snow ball effect will
cause an avalanche and maybe we should let it?

The truth may be deceitful and hard to handle
you’re easy to shatter, and hard to pick up, but not hard to pick up
hadn’t it been china, I’d look at our lives and might gamble
I’m just a pawn in your love game waiting for the next stickup...

...in the dark, watching somebody else stealing your heart
once again
and all I can do is to silently wait behind the flats watching you fall apart
once again...

You see through me, but never how I feel, and there’s always someone battling you
how long will you live like stepping into a time machine
to find future love and realize that whichever time you’re travelling to
in the end what you’ll find is... Me.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021