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The Streets

The streets know more than your memory of your whereabouts
They know where you’ve been and when you were out
They know if you’re travelling from town to town
If you’re in the parks late at night or where you get down

The streets know where you’re searching for your light
If you drop something, then at the end you shall find
Whatever your path is, the streets hold your goals in sight
If only you come true to the ground your walking on at night

The streets know where your breaking teeth and making peace
They know of the days you used to fight demons and beasts
They know when you were out trying to get some sleep
Simply because on gravel you were standing on your knees

The streets never tell but they know there is no road to flee
They know where you’ve been and how far you can reach
The streets know who you’re going to stop by and meet
Even though the streets got no eyes they still follow me

The streets know when to pull over and when not to bother
The streets know which house that belongs to your lover
But it’s still as hard to fall on as the fists of your brother
They know where you’re walking and when we’ll meet each other

The streets are all around us, even running through the city
The streets are concrete hard, if you fall they aint showing no pity
They might be long and broad, but they are fast like quickies
Still they care for care so your presence holds them busy

The streets know it all, you cannot beat the streets
Like your shadow follows you, it won’t ever leave the scene
And if you’re determined that you want to leave
Then guess what, there’s still a street there for you to beat...

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021