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The Truth Alone Triumphs

Believe in affirmation
your inner being’s wealth is based upon a constellation of creations made up by mankind
aiming to please womankind, judged by humankind
it’s obvious the truth alone triumphs, but somehow the truth fell into oblivion
the headline of the day: an affirmative honesty;
today's modesty; we honestly possessed wisdom, but a genius able to grasp reality wasn’t a part of our unity
time for some self reflection; where did we go wrong?
Used with the word rejection, in the land of the brave, we wore masks long enough to forget the faces behind
tried to follow the path of other people’s foot steps, but lost track
considering the facts, we did the math, came up with the conclusion life’s never following any kind of plans
lost your pen and pad, forgot what you never had
meanwhile somebody was probably borrowing your speech
but you didn’t realize that until others started following the lead of somebody else
modelling your queen in papier maché, while you’re bottling your needs
it’s a story, pre written, aimed at somebody that won’t listen, stuck in a land of indifference
in the dark, there's a deep part, a few light years away
oh, and by the way, did I mention I want an option to buy your heart?

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021