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(See) the Wall In of All Outs

If your own marriage is bad
you could (should) stop by my door
anytime would fit honey, just ask
and we could go down to the store

to find the love you’re worth
while we’re finding your smile
making sure to put you first
because you’re worth the time

chocolate and roses on the bed
beautiful memories of the past
you’re worth the utmost respect
nonetheless than the best you’d have

looking at what you’re having now
the things making your eyes sing
asking ‘self if there’s a way out
from a bond made up by rings

looking like, there could be something
if only ...you would let yourself go
left, there’ll be only one thing
to know, how could one love you so

as the soul mate of your life
walking besides, following a star
as you’re the guiding light
taking the story up, away and afar

...leaving closed doors ajar
making the change and a way for hope
to find a way of its own ...in the dark
and for that you’re worth a rose

...or two.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021