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The Zealots

I want a dreadful woman to find me, mislead
She might as well come with a hairdo full of dreads
I want a woman that can lead the lead
I mean, that can sink whatever turns up in bed

I want a woman with a heart to make perfection
To make my selection by completing my collection
Somebody that’s disrespecting the mirrored reflection
And wouldn't get perplexed by her own complexion

I want a honey, that comes with a lack of pies
It’s even okay if she comes with a pack of lies
With a heck of a hack and a lot of stacks to bite
Ready to go black for light... in the sack tonight

I want a woman that has chosen the right lane
I mean, the woman that has got the Right name
That is the same difference to my old flames
But lets me find out that the difference’s the same

I want a woman that can love my pretty ugly defects
I mean ...that needs not to show me we share secrets
And reflects the zealots she lets meet her with regret
That shows the world her desire and need of respect

I want a woman, that doesn't care about fortune or bad habits
With a future unlike my past, and knows what her path is
A woman with a body that doesn't need plastic
But with a soul not sole with a black hole to create magic

I want a woman that believes she makes her own fate
And seeks to find her own way if she's been led astray
A woman that's not the same tomorrow as today
But still's female enough to be charmed by a bouquet

I want a woman with a job that blows and a voice of her own
An optimist with opinions and choices full grown
Who doesn't wait by the phone and can make it alone
That wouldn't cast the first stone, but last and gets stoned

I want a woman to take me higher, lit my inner fire
A woman that dares to show her desires
One I can admire, even if her trolls are dire
I'd inspire her to aspire to be on my flyer

I want a woman that can read between the lines
Someone that's not afraid to hit the scene and cry
Someone ready to become my queen tonight
Someone kind that won't get mean this time

I want a woman that's a good prospect becoming my wife
A naked Eve that enjoys nature and wild life
A woman that's mature, but every child likes
Someone to hold close and fits my style right

I want a woman that knows her mathematics
without skeletons in her closet or ghosts up in the attic
A woman doing it both blonde and with afromantics
To go over the atlantic with and enjoys see magic

I want a woman with a nice landing strip
A mermaid or a Swann that won’t abandon ship
Someone I can show what I gamble with
But’s not afraid when it gets rough ‘cause she can handle it

I want an amazon with sparkling eyes
Someone steady that can take it if I start to cry
That finds it hard to lie, not the heartless type
One that's not afraid when it gets dark at night

I want an egressed queen that moves every chess piece
A woman that came with the war of love, but left peace
Someone I'm happy I've found and the rest seek
One I can rely on and forever will bless me

I want a woman that’s a diamond in the rough
I mean, that knows how to tame a lion with her stuff
With eyes showing, like the belt of Orion, hints of love
That has got shoulders to cry on, and is tough

I want a woman that’s got what it takes, to get my attention
One that can pump the brakes, but also read the tension
And can paint a love portrait, in another dimension
Not to mention, in every way, arouse beyond comprehension

I want a good Ms I would miss if she went away from this
A woman with a Bucket list I can’t find on Craigslist
Somebody that cannot make me forget the last kiss
And lets my inner demons rest and blesses me with bliss

I want a woman without any strange kind of phobia
Somebody that believes in belief without Obeah
I want all of this, within the same lady, on the bus to Sofia
I refuse to believe a woman like this is a utopia...

...even though the outlook hasn't looked good lately
I believe in playing it safe without any safety
So come show me this doesn't have to be a definite maybe
See lots of love zealots drift on the ocean of love, save me...