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Tick, tick, tick

There are always ways
To forget your sorrow
Simply learn from yesterday
And teach tomorrow

Time is moving fast
It’s likely you hopefully soon’ll meet tomorrow
Time to forget the past
And give back the time you’ve once borrowed

Don’t panic nor regret what’s happening now
Let go of Ms. Terry and your miserable misery
Pick up some guts and join the gathering crowd
Of seconds, minutes and hours of history

Face time, don’t regret the future, nor the past
As you cannot put a price on the road to legacy
And it’s only through studying history in class
You can understand future’s indeterminacy

Never forget who you are and why you are lost
Time is getting you, and you’re getting older
Blood, sweat and tears, certain knowledge’ll cost
Remember, time is always behind your shoulder

Tick, tick...
Tick, tick, tick...
Closing in on you with every second.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021