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Too Shy

I’ve been around for years
Back when you were young and naive, and left in tears
I was always there, made sure I was near
To hold you tight, safely away from everything you fear

I’ve been around since day one
I’ve been around ever since the first day you came along
And made my heart beats form a song
Because, the dream of us together never seems wrong

I’ve been around so many times
When you came home late at night, lying about feeling alright
I was there in the streetlight, keeping you a safe eye
But never ever once, did I dare making any try

I’ve been around, in the middle of crowds of plenty of guys
Silently waiting for my turn, to stand next in line
But you’ve never ever looked me straight in my eyes
Maybe, because... I’m too shy.

© Martin Ångnell 2010 - 2021